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E-book update: 75 volumes and counting…

My predecessor made several posts about the process of adding e-books to the Templeton library collection.  Looking at what is happening across the Radiology field, it is evident that there is a strong desire to have books in electronic formats to maximize usability.  Looking five or ten years ahead, I see e-books playing a larger role in the Templeton collection.

With this in mind, I have taken a couple steps to make e-books more available to our community in the University of Washington Radiology Department.  The first has been a series of joint ventures with the Health Sciences Library. We have collaborated on the purchase of several e-books, which you may have read about in our previous updates.

The second is the addition of many University of Washington e-books to our searchable Templeton Library collection!  These are accessible from our Lightbox page in the Education tab.  I have added 75 of the best of the UW’s e-books to the collection! Happy researching.