UW Radiology

Do you want to add to your home library?


Over the past few months, the Templeton Library has received some very generous donations of books and journal issues. Many of them have helped enrich the Templeton collection; the rest have been set aside to enrich your home libraries. They’ll be available in the library from today until 1 p.m. this Friday, so if you have room on your bookshelf, please swing by and take a look at what we have!

Items include:

  • Abrams’ Angiography (3 volumes)
  • SCVIR Syllabi: ​Thoracic & Visceral Vascular Interventions, Venous Interventions, Peripheral Vacular Interventions, and more
  • back issues of Radiology, RadioGraphics, JACR, AJR, and more
  • Douglas J. Gelb, Introduction to Clinical Neurology (2nd ed.)
  • Bernischke & Kaufmann, Pathology of the Human Placenta (2nd ed.)
  • Higgins, Hricka, & Helms, Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Body (2nd ed.)
  • … and many more!


Image from Humusak on Pixabay.