UW Radiology

Changing Things Up

New Journal Arrangement

Starting last week, I began re-organizing things in the library. I’ve utilized the storage underneath the slanted racks where the journals are displayed. Did you know they open?! Up until recently, the space was not being utilized. I’ve also rearranged the back-stock of journals to be in accordance with how they are displayed. For example, Academic Radiology, AJNR and AJR are displayed in a row, so the rest of the issues are found on a corresponding shelf in that order.

New Journal Set Up

Historical Collection

I am also in the process of moving any book published in 2000 or earlier (with some exceptions) to our Historical Collection. This is in an effort to separate more contemporary resources from books that may no longer be of use for clinical practices today, but serve as excellent resources in the historical sense. 

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