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Audiobook Teachers

Are you frequently stuck sitting in traffic?
Do you ride the bus regularly to work?
Are you looking to learn something new and grow new skills?
Are you interested in finding new ways of learning?
Are you an audiobook listener?

In the March/April issue of Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology, UW Radiology’s Puneet Bhargava highlights the powerful tool, and simple joy, of listening to audiobooks. With their portable nature, audiobooks can be played from phones or in cars on commutes – allowing us to utilize the travel time to learn something new without carrying around heavy tomes. They are fun to listen to. Each narrator brings a unique sound and character to their telling. You can check them out for free from your local public library!

Puneet stresses this wonderful experience as an opportunity for all radiologists – a chance to dive into other arenas of knowledge and explore their interconnections with radiology. “Audiobooks give us a basic fund of knowledge in many of these domains” says Puneet, creating a sense of comfort that allows for “experimenting with the interplay of these topics with radiology and our busy life as a radiologist.” By branching into audiobooks on a variety of topics and pondering the connections with the field of radiology, “it is not long, before one develops a unique perspective on things and gets comfortable questioning our practices.” Interdisciplinary action, by seeking out information and an eagerness to learn outside your chosen field can provide not only fun and new competencies to your day-to-day life, but strengthens your existing expertise by stretching its boundaries. 

Read the full article here.

Are you in the Seattle area? Browse audiobooks through the Seattle Public Libraries here!

Photo [public domain]: Fieldwork Inc., Headphones, 2016, Flickr. Accessed March 26, 2018 from: https://flic.kr/p/LerqyH