UW Radiology

May 22, 2015

Ebooks, sponges, and other news

A few weeks ago, I identified the steps I was going to take to increase the Templeton Library’s ebook holdings. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished step 1, auditing our collection to see how many ebook equivalents the UW Libraries has. The results aren’t insignificant — out of our 800+ books, 68 are already available…

May 8, 2015

Journal use survey results: part II

The results from Templeton’s journal use survey are in! The ebook initiative I described last week is on its way to fruition, and yesterday’s meeting about module subscriptions went well. There’ll be more updates on those projects in the coming weeks, so watch this space for news.

May 1, 2015

Journal use survey results: part I

On Friday I sent out a survey about how members of the UW Radiology community interact with the Templeton Library. Many thanks to the people who have responded already — your feedback is greatly appreciated! There were some excellent suggestions for improvement, so in the interests of transparency, I’ll paraphrase and respond to four of those…