UW Radiology

January 16, 2012

NLM Classification & the reorganization

I’ve gotten some questions about how and why we reorganized things in Templeton, so I made a quick video explaining what’s going on. If you’re not a video person, there’s a text-based explanation after the break. If you still have questions, drop by on Tuesday or Thursday mornings or email me at barrets at uw.edu.

January 12, 2012

Requested Books

Here is the list of books I have requested. They should be in soon, and I’ll update here when they are! Radiology Review: Radiologic Physics – Nickoloff Avoiding Errors in Radiology: Case-Based Analysis of Causes and Preventive Strategies – Lackner Biostatistics for Radiologists: Planning, Performing, and Writing a Radiologic Study – Sardanelli Mayo Clinic Gastrointestinal…