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Hello UW Radiology!

Below is a list of tutorials for research tips and tricks to support and improve your research methods. If you know of one that is not listed, please contact your Library Intern at radlib@uw.edu.

Boolean Phrasing

Here is a YouTube video of how to use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, and NOT) in your searching to create a more complex and accurate search.


This is an online reference tool with several online imaging atlases.

This resource is made available due to generous funding from the Rohrmann Endowment.

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Access Tool


** Offsite access requires the UW VPN. Use this link for your set up.

eJournal Access

The Health Sciences Library and UW Libraries subscribe to a vast array of journals, both in physical and electronic capacities. Click above to search availability at UW/HSL. Type in the title you with to search for. To search topics, use the basic library search and use the “Refine Your Results” options to narrow your results.


The Health Science Subject Librarians upkeep this library guide (“libguide”). It has information on e-books, e-journals, databases, and radiology information access that is available to you. This includes a tutorial tab.


Here you will find tutorials that can help you search and navigate PubMed. There are long tutorials and shorter “Quick Tours” that go over various searching techniques, so you can learn at the speed you choose. 

MeSH Browser

Use this browser to look up and navigate and discover MeSH headings for searches.

Web of Science

Here you will find a link to the Web of Science – Clarivate YouTube page, on which you will find a list of videos that can help you learn to navigate this resource.

UW and Health Science Libraries


This links to library guides intended to walk you through how to use the library catalog and how to access various resources.

Search the Catalog

This links to the UW/HSL catalog. Happy searching!

Citation Software

Here are links to playlists video tutorials and a UW Library Guide on how to use these particular citation management softwares and how to decide between them.





UW Citation Guide