UW Radiology


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the Templeton Library?

University of Washington Medical Center
Level 2 : RR 215-J
Find directions to the library here.
You will need a current library door code to access the library. Email radlib@uw.edu for access.

2. Who can check out books?

Anyone who is a part of the UW Radiology Department. This includes students, faculty, and admins. Medical students who are not a part of the department are encouraged to come visit the library to check out books as well (email radlib@uw.edu prior to visit)!

3. How do I make a library account?

Simply by checking out a book, the library intern will then sign you up for a library account. The account is good through your time at the University of Washington. You can also register or modify your password here! You must have an email account to register.  

4. I want to check out a book! How do I do so?

Come visit the library! There are signs to guide you through the process.

1. Open the book or resource
2. Pull out the library card from the sleeve on the inside cover of the resource.
3. Write your full name and date.
4. Place the card in the deposit box.
5. Done! You have the resource for THREE WEEKS.

Review available resources via the online catalog.

5. How long can I check out a resource for?

When you check out a resource, it is for three weeks. You can renew your checkout online through your account.

6. How do I renew a resource?

Log in to your library account through the library catalog. Select the resources you would like to renew, and click “Renew Selected” or “Renew All”. See further instructions here.

7. What is in the collection?



Current collection (books and review materials), current journals, historical collection, historical journals, and special collection items to support all academic sections of the UW Radiology Department.








This includes materials on:
 –breast imaging
-body imaging
-diagnostic physics
-emergency radiology
-interventional radiology
-nuclear medicine
-pediatric radiology
-thoracic imaging

There are additional library sections on research, education, and business management.

8. Are there fees?

No! Absolutely no fees or fines. However, we do request that you adhere to our checkout policy of a 3-week checkout so that others can use our resources. If you would like to continue to use the resource, please renew your material.

9. Do you have anything else in the library besides books?

Yes! We have three computers, a large monitor, desk space with four chairs (a great work and study space), a reading nook, online resources including our searchable catalog, library blog, and library newsletter! Check us out on Twitter and Youtube for instructional videos and radiology related content.

11. What electronic resources do you have?

E-books, e-journals, a searchable online catalog, Radiology LibGuide, instructional videos and tutorials.

12. Who runs the library?

The current library intern. This position’s term is approximately one year and is staffed by a current University of Washington Master of Library and Information Science graduate student.

13. What services does the library offer?

Reference assistance (schedule a meeting or drop in during intern office hours), infographic design, citation management and app recommendations, research aid, PDF and e-resource navigation, book purchasing (suggest a resource here), bibliometrics assistance, etc. Email the library intern at any time with additional questions.

14. How do I request a meeting with the library intern?

Email at radlib@uw.edu to schedule an appointment, or stop by in person during office hours!

15. How do I access content off campus?

Accessing resources through the UW Library page will prompt you to login with your UW ID. An alternative is to go through the Proxy or Husky OnNet.

16. I am a medical student interested in radiology. Can I check out resources?

Yes, you can! Please email the library intern to schedule a time to meet at the library (there is a door code and you will need assistance in accessing the library).

17. I can’t find a PDF of the article that I want! What do I do?

If you are able to locate the article through UW libraries (but no online version is available), you can request an article scan. The scan will then be sent to your UW account within a few days. You must login to your UW account. Request an article scan here. If you still cannot find the PDF or cannot make a scan request, reach out to the library intern for additional assistance.

18. What citation management software is best?

Check out this resource that helps guide you toward the best citation software according to your needs:
EndNote, Endnote Basic, Zotero, RefWorks, Mendeley, etc. Or reach out to the library intern for a reference appointment and any additional assistance. 

19. Can I access journal articles that Templeton, UW, or HSL do not have a subscription for?

Yes! You can access any article through the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) system via UW. All you need is a valid/current UW NetID. These articles have an average turn-around time of 3 days from request to delivery. The articles can by anywhere. They do not need to be subscribed to by UW, HSL, or UW’s affiliates through Summit.

20. Do you do educational presentations?

Yes! Email the intern at radlib@uw.edu to request a presentation on your subject of choice. Previous presentations have included: library resources and services, how to search PubMed, how to make a myNCBI account, navigating databases and online content, etc.

21. Can I post something on your hallway display board?

The library loves to support the UW Radiology Department with many great accomplishments and happenings! If you have something you would like displayed, email the intern at radlib@uw.edu. In accordance with our display policy, we ask that you do not place posters or display pieces within the library or on the hallway board without prior approval. Those without prior approval will be removed.

22. Can you recommend radiology/medicine-related apps for me?

Yes! Email the intern at radlib@uw.edu for additional questions.

23. I forgot my account password! How do I change it?

You can recover your password here. If you still experience any difficulties, email the library intern.