UW Radiology


Directions to the Templeton Library: Map!

The UWMC is a massive building, and sometimes finding the right room can be a daunting task. Here, I am providing some directions that can help you get to the Templeton Radiology Library!

Starting from the Main Entrance of UWMC:

  1. After entering the Main Entrance (on the 3rd floor), turn right and head down the hall toward the BB elevators. They are located beyond the Pacific Elevators.
  2. Take an elevator down to the 2nd floor. If you are on the side of the hall with two elevators, turn right when you exit the elevator onto the 2nd floor. If you are on the side of the hall with the single elevator, turn left when you exit the elevator. 
  3. Pass through the doorway that has the sign above labeled “S. Maimon Samuels Institute For Heart and Cancer Research.”
  4. The Templeton Library is the first door on the right in RR 215-J next to some lockers.
  5. The door to the Library has a coded lock, so please e-mail the Library Intern at radlib@uw.edu if you do not know the code and would like to use the library!

Alternate Routes:

  1. You can take the BB Stairs instead of the BB Elevators.
  2. Enter UWMC at the Pacific Entrance and use the BB Stairs to go down to the 2nd Floor.