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Collection Development Policy

What, Why, and How

Collection Development is the cycle of discovering, purchasing, maintaining, and weeding resources from a collection of information, such as a library.

Use the links at the bottom of the page to see various aspects of this process and read below to discover how you can be involved in this at the Templeton Radiology Library.

Want to Request a Purchase for the Library?

Here’s How – 5 Steps:

1. Does the resource meet our criteria? (View Here)

      • Relevant or useful to the Radiology Field and/or specialties of the field (ex. Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiology, etc.)
      • Funding is considered during the approval process
      • Has it been published in the last 10 years?

2. Is the resource available already at Templeton, HSL, or UW?

      • Check the catalogs:
      • If it is available already, you may still request it, but we will also require a statement of why the resource needs an additional copy or why the copy needs to be at the Templeton.

3. Email your Templeton Library Intern at radlib@uw.edu (Or walk in during office hours!) with the following information:

      • Required
        • Title
        • Author(s)
        • Edition
        • Volume/Number information
      • Useful – Not Required
        • DOI
        • ISBN/ISSN
        • Link to resource
        • Publisher¬†

4. Approval

      • Resource and Purchasing information sent to Dr. Shuman and Betty Lanman for final approval.
      • As the requester, you will receive an email of the decision.

5. Check “The Templeton” for when it appears in the NEW RESOURCES section!


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