UW Radiology

Library Management

Templeton Radiology Library Internship

The intern position at the Templeton Radiology Library is currently vacant. The library is still open for checkouts, returns, and studying.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelley MacElveen, who will be managing the library during this period. For library-related questions, please email radlib@uw.edu.


Services for the library are updated. For more information, please see the updated list on the home page.


Past Library Interns:

Sarrah Trapp, 2019-2020

Leslie Denning, 2018-2019

Rachel L. Ramey, 2018

Kelly V. Chandler, 2017-2018

Martina T. Vargas, 2016-2017

Tigh A. Bradley, 2015-2016

Rebecca Brothers, 2014-2015

Kimberley Tate, 2013-2014

Sarah Barrett, 2010-2012