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Interventional Radiology-Operated Endoscopy

1. Endoscopy

Interventional Radiology-Operated endoscopy is a minimally invasive non-surgical technique in which an endoscope is inserted into the body by an Interventional Radiologist to assist in the treatment of many different conditions, including gallstones, disease of the biliary tree, kidney stones, and the placement of feeding tubes in difficult cases. An endoscope is a small probe with a camera on the tip along with small channels that allow instruments to be manipulated under direct visualization. The endoscope is small enough to be placed inside the body through a small hole through the skin making the recovery time from the procedures very short.

Sedation: Local anesthesia (lidocaine) or moderate sedation (fentanyl and midazolam) or general anesthesia (completely asleep with an endotracheal tube).
Procedure time: 60-120 minutes.