UW Radiology

IR Shadowing Experience

Thank you for your interest in Interventional Radiology. We would be glad to have you spend some time with us to see what the field is about and the procedures we perform. The IR shadowing experience is designed for medical students (preferably for MS1s and MS2s) interested in learning more about Interventional Radiology. Space is available on a limited basis and please inquire for opportunities.

For those students interested in doing a formal rotation in Interventional Radiology, please visit the IR clerkship page.

Please address shadowing inquiries to:
Diane Herring
Interventional Radiology Program Operations Specialist
Assistant to Chief, Interventional Radiology
Assistant to Interventional Radiology Program Director
University of Washington Medical Center
Ph: 206-598-1454
Fx: 206-598-6406