UW Radiology

Retrospective research projects

Below is a list of current retrospective research projects active in the Body Imaging Section. 

Study Title Principal Investigator

Evaluation of Adnexal Lesions with Imaging and Correlation with Outcome

Akshay D. Baheti

Retrospective review of fetal cord Doppler measurements at various sites in the umbilical cord and their association with outcome in these pregnancies

Manjiri Dighe

Thyroid Nodules: Imaging Features and Histopathology Correlation with outcomes correlation

Manjiri Dighe

Utility of Renal Ultrasounds in Patients with Acute Renal Failure

Manjiri Dighe

Retrospective Review of US and MRI Performed in Pregnant Patient to Assess the Structure of the Placenta and Its Association with Outcome in These Pregnancies

Manjiri Dighe

Retrospective evaluation of placental texture in normal and IUGR patients

Manjiri Dighe

Iodinated contrast medium extravasation: Effect of saline test injections, and impact of low-osmolality contrast media on complication rate

Martin Gunn

Role of MR defecography in dyssynergic defecation

Neeraj Lalwani

Deep Learning for Computer-Aided Detection of Misreads in Radiology

Puneet Bhargava

Deep learning techniques for prostate cancer detection

Sooah Kim

Utility of Using Abdominal Wall Adipose Tissue Thickness on Prenatal Ultrasound in Predicting Fetal Outcome for Fetuses at Risk for Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Theodore Dubinsky 

Pulmonary Ring Down Artifact: Correlation with Chest X-Ray and Computed Tomography

 Theodore Dubinsky 

Abnormal Fetal Lung Identified at MRI

Theodore Dubinsky  

Trouble with the Curve: Pitfalls of Assessing Fetal Growth Using Last Menstrual Period Dating

Theodore Dubinsky  

The heart as a spring; the measurement of Hooke’s Constant to assess left ventricular diastolic function on cardiac MR

Theodore Dubinsky  

Retrospective evaluation of cancer patients undergoing CT, MRI and Ultrasound of the body

 Carolyn Wang