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Diagnostic yield of non-invasive imaging in patients following non-traumatic out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest: A systematic review
Petek B., Erley C., Kudenchuk P., Carlbom D., Strote J., Gatewood M., Shuman W., Hira R., Gunn M., Maynard C., Branch K.
Resuscitation. 2019 Feb:183-190

Repeat CT performed within one month of CT conducted in the emergency department for abdominal pain: A secondary analysis of data from a prospective multicenter study
Lee L., Reisner A., Binder W., Zaheer A., Gunn M., Linnau K., Miller C., Herring M., Tramontano A., Kambadakone A., Catalano O., Harisinghani M., Halpern E., Donelan K., Gazelle G., Pandharipande P.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2019 Feb:382-385

Incidence of transient interruption of contrast (TIC) – A retrospective single-centre analysis in CT pulmonary angiography exams acquired during inspiratory breath-hold with the breathing command: “Please inspire gently!”
Sudarski S., Haubenreisser H., Henzler T., Reischauer C., Kolokythas O., Matoori S., Herzog B., Schönberg S., Gutzeit A.
PLoS ONE. 2019 Jan

Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy: multidetector CT image noise correction improves specificity of a Gaussian model-based algorithm used for characterization of incidental adrenal nodules
Clark T., Hsu L., Hippe D., Cowan S., Carnell J., Wang C.
Abdominal Radiology. 2019 Jan

Rectothecal fistula complicating anterior sacral meningocele repair
Ojeda P., Khorsand D., Zawaideh M., Kolokythas O.
Radiology Case Reports. 2019 Jan:112-115

Dual-Energy CT urography with 50% reduced iodine dose versus single-energy CT urography with standard iodine dose
Shuman W., Mileto A., Busey J., Desai N., Koprowicz K.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2019 Jan:117-123

Postpartum bone marrow edema at the sacroiliac joints may mimic sacroiliitis of axial spondyloarthritis on MRI
Agten C., Zubler V., Zanetti M., Binkert C., Kolokythas O., Prentl E., Buck F., Pfirrmann C.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2018 Dec:1306-1312

Prospective study of serial18F-FDG PET and18F-fluoride PET to predict time to skeletal-related events, time to progression, and survival in patients with bone-dominant metastatic breast cancer
Peterson L., O’Sullivan J., Wu Q., Novakova-Jiresova A., Jenkins I., Lee J., Shields A., Montgomery S., Linden H., Gralow J., Gadi V., Muzi M., Kinahan P., Mankoff D., Specht J.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2018 Dec:1823-1830

CT detectability of small low-contrast hypoattenuating focal lesions: Iterative reconstructions versus filtered back projection
Mileto A., Zamora D., Alessio A., Pereira C., Liu J., Bhargava P., Carnell J., Cowan S., Dighe M., Gunn M., Kim S., Kolokythas O., Lee J., Maki J., Moshiri M., Nasrullah A., O'Malley R., Schmiedl U., Soloff E., Toia G., Wang C., Kanal K.
Radiology. 2018 Nov:443-454

MRI of Acute Abdominal and Pelvic Non-obstetric Conditions in Pregnancy
Ahluwalia A., Moshiri M., Baheti A., Saboo S., Bhargava P., Katz D.
Current Radiology Reports. 2018 Aug

A checklist manifesto: Effectiveness of checklist use in hands-on simulation examining competency in contrast reaction management in a randomized controlled study
Parsian S., O’Malley R., Hippe D., Bush W., Bhargava P., Chen L., Wang C.
American Journal of Roentgenology. 2018 Jul:W1-W12