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August 6, 2021


Congratulations Bahar Mansoori, MD, Puneet Bhargava, MD, Mariam Moshiri, MD, Shamus Moran, MD (current R5 Resident), Lisa Johnson, MD (current R5 Resident), Charles Rohrmann, MD (Emeritus Professor), and Jonathan Revels, DO (Abdominal Imaging Fellow Alumni 2017-18).   Their Solicited Education Exhibit, “Fluoroscopic Imaging Evaluation of Duodenal Diseases”  was accepted and is scheduled to be in…

August 5, 2020

Please join us in welcoming Antonio Westphalen, MD

Please welcome Antonio Westphalen, MD, PhD as the new Section Chief in Abdominal Imaging.

October 10, 2019

Once again, congratulations to Dr. Moshiri! She was named Editor of the RSNA Case Collection.